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Your own padel racket You can personalize it at NOPEAK padel
Do you want to design your own racket? At NOPEAK padel you can put together your own racket. From the shape and material to the grip. Our designer will create a free custom design especially for you. See what the options are below and fill out a contact form at the bottom of the page. We will then contact you soon.
You can choose from all the options below
Step 1. Choose a shape
There is a choice of 3 different shapes: Round, Drop and diamond.
The round racket is the all-round racket. Due to the best combination of power and control, this racket is suitable for everyone
With the teardrop-shaped racket, the sweet spot is slightly higher, which gives you less control but more power.
The diamond shaped sweet spot is smaller, which ensures that you experience the ultimate power. This is a racket for advanced players.

Step 2. Choose a sheet

The selection of your racket has a huge influence on your game. A stiffer racket provides more power but can come at the expense of precision and control.

Everything is possible at NOPEAK. Are the options a bit much? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can arrange everything for you.

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