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Padel racket NOPEAK BARNA - Art collection



NOPEAK Padel proudly celebrates our presence in Spain with a unique racket. Meet "BARNA." This unique racket is a masterpiece by an artist who has brought together the geometric precision and colorful vibrancy of Barcelona's city map with the inspiring influence of Gaudí. If you know Barcelona, you know exactly what we mean.

'"BARNA" is a tribute to the city as a living work of art, a labyrinth of blocks and boulevards, tingling with the energy of the Catalan sun. The design reflects the artistic passion of the city and the thoughtful organization of its famous 'Eixample' district, known for its distinctive square blocks.'

Limited Series: Limited to an exclusive edition, "BARNA" is a symbol of the city and its artistic heart.

100% Carbon: The perfect fusion of strength and precision, just like the city's famous architectural wonders.

Inspiration & Innovation: Inspired by Gaudí and crafted with the vision of a modern artist, this racket is a blend of tradition and contemporary art.

"BARNA" is more than a racket; it's an invitation to become a part of Barcelona's story, to feel the artistic spirit of the city every time you step onto the court. Take a piece of Barcelona with you in every game and let the city itself inspire your play.