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Padel racket NOPEAK Jungle - Art Nature collection



Jungle Racket - Art Collection

Step onto the court with 'Jungle,' the most vibrant racket from the NOPEAK ART collection. This racket is the result of a collaboration with artists who have transformed the richness of the jungle into a stunning visual spectacle.

'The Jungle' is a mosaic of rich green and earthy brown tones, enlivened by the bright colors of tropical flowers and the diverse patterns of rainforest animals. From the cunning jaguar to the graceful paradise bird, the spirit of the rainforest comes to life in every aspect of this racket. It is more than a sports tool; it is a celebration of biodiversity and an invitation to participate in the conservation of our planet.

3 good reasons why the Jungle racket suits you so well:

  • Like you, this racket is unique, a limited edition.
  • You only play with the highest quality racket. 100% carbon, indeed.
  • We donate to the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) for each racket. You don't have to do anything for it.